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Statement About False „Breaking Bad LEGO“ Articles – Why I Take Legal Action Against Some Publishers

Breaking Bad LEGOFirst I want to thank all LEGO bloggers out there who published parts of my work over the recent decade. I really appreciate your work in the same way all of you appreciate mine! There has been a clear but unspoken deal between us over all those years: The concept models, I publish on my website and various social media sites, are there for everybody to look at them, write about them, big them up or critize the designs. Publishers, uncommercial as well as commercial ones, are of course allowed to write about my creations using my pictures as long as they mention me as the creator and put a correct weblink in the post.

Besides the creation of privatly designed concept models which i publish on my website, i am also a professional toy designer and i am (have been, was and will be) in business relations with many players and companies in the toy industry, just to clarify that I am not a hobby LEGO builder – this is my main profession which sustains my life.

Unfortunately on 8th of September the Daily Mail published a story about an „independent company“ releasing „Breaking Bad LEGO sets“:

 „Outrage as toy company creates ‚crystal meth lab‘ for children with Breaking Bad play sets“
Daily Mail on 8th September 2013

In this article pictures of my LEGO Breaking Bad Winnebago RV, which I designed a couple of years ago, appeared under the mention of a false copyright. I don’t want to comment on the quality of this article, more important to me: this article may lead various business contacts of mine to the conclusion that i am involved in creating & selling LEGO sets under the roof of an „independent company“ – this is a critical situation for me in my industry, so i had no choice but to „call Saul“ and let the lawyers do their work.

The Breaking Bad story has been picked up by a major german media outlet and from there on a small number of commercial german bloggers have republished the story – including wrong copyrighted pictures of my work. These publishers who have not done their keywork, to research and provide correct sources, are now subject to legal action towards various publishers.

I want to make clear that it is not in my interest to sue bloggers at all, but in this case the mentioned publishers fall into the combination of following criterias:

  1. are not specific LEGO or toy blogs
  2. are commercial

and they have made these critical mistakes:

  1. spreading or implying false information about me & my work
  2. disregarding my copyrights


On one hand i am a bit sorry for those affected, but on the other hand they have republished a critical business libel towards me and that’s why i also think that i don’t have to feel morally bad about this.

I want to make clear again that no one of my blogging friends (and fellow blogging strangers within the toy industry) has anything to fear from me as long as a reference and mention to the source exists and no false facts are being spread – this is a very unfortunate exception so far and i really hope it will stay the only one.

So long, I hope I could take away most fears and bring light into this story.
If you have any further questions, you know I am always up for a chat 😉

Alex Orion Pax Jones

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