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Joe Meno Interviews Orion Pax for BrickJournal 2008

Building More than Meets the Eye:

An Interview with Alexander Jones
Article by Joe Meno

My name is Alex Jones a.k.a. Orion Pax,
and I was born 1980 in Munich, Germany. Since 2004 I’ve lived
in Rheinbach, Germany, where I just finished my education as
a graphic design assistant at Staatliches Berufskolleg Rheinbach

orion Pax interview n brickjournal

BrickJournal: What got you started in LEGO building?
Primarily, I have to say my creativity. I always was involved
in creating something. I’m into graffiti, illustration art, graphic
design, rap music and LEGO. What got me really started in
LEGO building was the fact that the only toys I had in my
childhood, the ‘80s, was LEGO.
I remember these early Saturday mornings when I woke up at 5
am., ran to the TV to watch cartoons like Transformers, M.A.S.K.,
Starcom, Masters of the Universe… all of them.
I think all of you know what I did after watching these cartoons.
I started building them with LEGO.

BJournal: What theme did you start in?
The ‘80s were the theme I started in. I think I just stopped LEGO
building for four years (between 14 and 18) but for the past three
years I’ve been taking it very seriously. 🙂
I have no favorite LEGO theme. One time I’m building a pirate
ship, another a building for my city layout.
I let the parts decide… I know that sounds weird. But I don’t plan
my creations like: “I need 300 of these parts and 100 of those.”
I just pick a well sorted color LEGO box and then let it flow….
Except if I’m building something like the Airwolf or the
Delorean. For these kind of creations I sort every kind of part in
color and detail. And sometimes I have to buy a part or two.

BJournal: What are your inspirations?
Life, ‘80s childhood thoughts, movies. When I’m building, the
photos or the originals inspire me, and everyday again my
girlfriend that supports all this LEGO madness in our living
room. Sometimes other LEGO creations or new colors of new
LEGO sets will also inspire.

BJournal: How do you build? Do you plan what you build, or
do you build by trial and error?
I’m “headplanning” days, weeks, months and years. I always
think about solutions to build this and that.
But when I have started building on a project I don’t stop till it’s
ready, except for month-long or year-long projects like my city
layout or… no, I can’t tell you this. It’s a secret. 🙂
I also like building by trial and error, because you will never
know what part will fit together if you just try….

BJournal: What is the most challenging part of building to
When I start a new creation, the most challenging part is the
stability. I always try to build with small parts as detailed as it is
possible, which requires a lot of LEGO building skill.

BJournal: What is the most fun about building?
To see how the creation grows. To add details at the end, change
a detail, to sit down for a few minutes and just look at this new
creation under the desk lamp… and then when it’s 3 or 4 am to
finally go to bed.

BJournal: When did you start building Transformers?
The first ones ,when I was a child. Transformers toys were very
expensive, as they are today. We did not have that much money
those days and I think I only had two Decepticons and one
Autobot from the flea market. My luckiest birthday present,
when I was nine, was a Decepticon spy that could change into an
So I had to build most of the toys I wanted to have with LEGO.
I remember how sad I was when I went to my friends and they
had all the ‘80s toys I was dreaming of, but when I think about it
today I think it was destiny that I “only” had the coolest toy the
world has ever played with: LEGO… and then Transformers! 🙂
I thought that it would be cool to combine these two toy lines.
Maybe LEGO should also think about it….

BJournal: What’s your favorite theme?
LEGO Transformers! 🙂 But at the moment I like building big.
Sculptures like Arvo’s Iron Man or busts like Mr.Zumbi’s
Predator (seen online at http://www.brickshelf.com/cgibin/
gallery.cgi?f=298449) are really something that needs to be
Let’s just call this theme MASTERPIECE or something like that….

BJournal: What’s your favorite built model?
It is not easy to answer this question because I like a lot of LEGO creations, and I mean
not just mine…. I think I always like the model most that is my newest model..
BJournal: What’s your favorite set?
My favorite official set is LEGO set #4005 (Tug Boat) because it is my first LEGO set.

BJournal: What would be your dream model?
A huge ‘80s toys diorama built by the a few Masterbuilders like Zumbi, Varszegi, maybe
you and me…. 😉
The Matrix will light our darkest hour….


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