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One of the many traditions in the LEGO community worldwide,
is to build a SHIP each September of the year.
I never had the time to do so and i gave it a try this year!
The usual shapes and colors of models i found online were
all very inspiring and great to look at, but i wanted to try something else.
I thought about space and how i would have my spaceship designed.
I usually follow the rule:" If you ride, ride in style!"
In space it is nice if you carry something with you
to show you come from a peace loving planet too, so why not have a massive PAX
(which stands for PEACE) 3D graffiti style on the side of the ship
and like some of our famous earth songs are floating into another solar system on a golden record just now, i thought color would be another important medium to transport,
so i threw the full LEGO color palette into the mix.
Yes, ALL colours!
At least what became common through out the years, no Modulex for example though.
The SHIP or as you can call it a SHIC ( Super Huge Investment of Colors)
measures a bit over 100 studs in length, as requested to count as a SHIP.
The building time was only two days, which was a surprise.

Next up MAKtober, let's see if i can make it ;)

Happy SKAERBAEK too, to all who are there, like my buddy Joe!


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