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Filmation Ghostbusters

Back in 2011 i built the Ghostbuggy from the 80s Filmation Ghostbusters show.
The toyline by Schaper back in the days was very small,
so i decided to add something to my collection of 80s retro toys.
Also there is an exhibition called GRAYSKULL CON in Germany this year again.
Last year i presented the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE project at this event.
So sad LOU SCHEIMER, who was the head of FILMATION studios, passed away last year.
He influenced my childhood with his cartoons like Zorro, Lone Ranger, Bravestarr, He-Man,
Blackstar and the Filmation Ghostbusters.
So for this years con i decided to not only display the MOTU models and built some more
of the Filmation cartoon lines.

About the Filmation Ghostbusters i found something that explains why they are actually the real Ghostbusters and our beloved THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS is actually fake.

"A few years later (around 1984), it was known that Dan Aykroyd was working on a script to make a film based (or inspired) by “Ghostbreakers” from 1940. Due to legal rights, this name had to be changed to “Ghostbusters”, and at this point the executives at filmation thought that it might be a good idea to turn the old TV series in cartoons, but Columbia (that was producing the film that later became so famous) tried to stop it. They filed a lawsuit against Filmation to avoid the usage of the Ghostbusters name in the cartoons. The court ruled in Filmations favour and for a payoff, they accepted to include slightly change the name to “Filmation’s Ghostbusters”, gave permission to the film to use the name as planned, but for licensing, Columbia was forced to use the name “The Real Ghostbusters” in all their licensed products. Maybe because of the term “real”, many children on my age thought at the time, that the Filmation Ghostbusters were a “copy” of the ones we had seen on the cinema, although it was actually the opposite."




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