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One of the first Disney movies i watched as a kid,
was also the one that left the biggest impact on me.
20000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA from the year 1954
with Captain Nemo and his famous submarine the NAUTILUS!

Click here for instructions of an updated buildable version of the Nautilus

The model for the movie was designed by Harper Goff
who did an amazing job back in the days.

The replica is true to the original scale and measures
4 feet and 7 inches/140 cm about 180 studs in lenght
and about 10 inches in width.
It has an interior in the mainroom with the big porthole.
Nemos organ, the couches and a shelf with liquor bootles.
There are powerfunction LED´s for the outside lights and the bridge.
The stand has an underwater diorama with two divers and a treasure.

The overall work in progress was about 4 weeks and a full day of photoshopping
for the presentation.

The model is dedicated to my Mum(*1955), which passed away last year
and my grandfather, who showed me the movie in the first place!

I love you guys!

"I have done with society for reasons that seem good to me, Proffesor!
Therefore i do not obey its laws!"

Quote by Captain Nemo

This project will be on LEGO Cuusoo!

All the best


UPDATE: Please vote for this project on LEGO Ideas.


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