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KREO vs LEGO Transformers


as i like calling my self since 30 years now,
here you´ll find a collection of new LEGO and KREO
TRANSFORMERS fan creations and design projects.
Most of them will be as true to the orignal G1
(Generation 1) toys as possible, some will have own
interpretations and transforming features.
Since KREO started doing their business
i am very happy with the headmolds and the chance to
finalize some characters to the maximum.
To show that it is a matter of how to use the bricks
that these companies give us in the best way,
you will find some characters in two versions.
One KREO version and one built with LEGO.
Both will be as similar as possible and
hopefully with the same transforming features.
Though sometimes i will only build one version
from either LEGO or KREO.
Let´s hope i can collect enough bots to
finally come up with a diorama for display ;)

May the Matrix be bright!


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