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Knight Rider

Regarding David Hasselhoff aka Michael Knightand his car
K.I.T.T. - Knight Industries Two Thousand from the tvshow Knight Rider....

A friend got the car and he is propably happy now to see it legolized.
I might give it to him as a present for fixing my 1984 Camaro.
Actually the Camaro and the Firebird is the same chassis
with just small disparities.
I managed to pack the 2x3 red lightbrick under the hood
which looks extra nice when it is dark.
The overall outcome is not to bad regarding the 7 wide chassis.
What i´m not super happy about is the rear screen,
but also nothing to do here right now.
I wonder if somebody is able to get it done in smaller scale,
but still with the right vibe ;)
In the gallery you can find a picture with both of the real cars (Camaro/Firebird).

Another 80s memory ready to roll!

(Infact the wheels really turn ;)

Now also on LEGO Cuusoo:

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