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LEGO replicas of my favorite TRANSFORMERS. Including some Optimus Prime versions as well as the G1 model series.

NEW! Some of the transformable bots have now instructions available

Building transformable versions of the G1 Transformers out of LEGO bricks is one of my strongest passions, and I'm working on this series since the year 2000 - unnumbered versions of Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Blaster, Starscream, etc went over my desk during those years - improving them over and over again until i got their design as close to the original as possible.

For the first trials of some characters such as HOUND i had to wait years until the colors were available - this is a real long term program i am on there and it doesn't look like i will ever be finished with this theme, as it is amongst those which impressed and influenced me most when i was a little kid.

To get the build right is (was / will be / has ever been) always a quest for the right technique in order to get every transformation, every little feature and detail of every character right.

It upsets me hunting me down into my deepest dreams at night if anything doesn't work out the way i want it to be - the way i want it to look and then a new version of the character has to be made. Sometimes it feels like these characters just abuse me building them and i don't even have a choice - i have to build them over and over and better and better again.

So enjoy this gallery with respect (for the characters, not for me) as it took them nearly ten years of torturing me to build them over and over again until the way they look like now (..and still i can hear them calling "improve me, improve me again - NOW!!")


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