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Similan Islands Thailand

The Similan Islands off the Andaman Coast in southern Thailand are a place out of this world! Huge granite boulders raising nine islands from the continental shelf seabed which is about 60 meters deep. It is the perfect place if you are a fan of blue - the sky can be absolutely amazing especially if there are some clouds contrasting. But then th water colors!! every single tone from ocean deep blue towards bright white sandy beaches - just surreal!! On the 21st December i did my first two scuba dives next to one of the main bays, which westerners call "Donald Duck Bay" because it has a rock the shape of Donald's iconic head - local people call it "Shoe Bay" as the same rock looks also like a shoe.

My first Scuba Diving experiences were absolutely amazing. the bay next to Donald Duck bay is called Waterfall Bay and as our boat was takin in water i caught the opportunity to do my first two dives ever with my mate Divemaster Niko. It was absolutely amazing - the feeling of almost flying or beeing completely weightless like an astronaut. I saw lots of marine life like giant moray eels, bluefin trevallies and i even spotted a bearded scorpionfish, one of the most poisenous animal in the world, myself as it was swimming past to find another hideaway place.

To be fair, the paradise isn't all about peace and good life, the conditions can bring you to your limits. Poisenous, dangerous or just annoying animals everywhere (except sharks, which aren't dangerous at all), a merciless sun pouring down its rays like an angry god all day ..and you shouldn't be prown to seasickness!! But after all this environment teaches you about real life far far away from your desk, office, sterile western apartment and the illusion of a safe live - a very valuable experience to me.

I also tried some scuba diving there for the first time, which i want to do again as soon as possible. And so i had to build this iconic bay in the Andaman Sea to get my head around these experiences.. enjoy!!


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