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Orion Pax Designs - Construction Toys & Brick Arts


This is the official website of Orion Pax, containing all information about my work - event dates, all pictures of my upcoming creations as well as a small blog section.

Please note, that from now on i will upload all hi quality pictures here and only limited amounts to social-network sites in order to make sure you can get
the best views and up-to-date information about my work. Here i will keep on frequently presenting my art creations made with construction toys like lego and others.

At the moment this site is still a bit in construction and further down the next days and weeks you will discover more functions, pages, addons and of course galleries ;-)
Enjoy and be creative!

Yours sincerely
Alexander Jones

360° Panorama View of my Studio






Interactive 360° Panaroma View of my Studio

Ever wondered how i work? Often i rearrange the settings in my studio and change location of racks and tables. As a future record of the current state i had a 360° panorama done by a profesional and i quite like it so i thought i'd be quite nice to publish it.
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added 20 November 2013

Social media updates
12 March 2013

Social media updates

I've updated my social media life and can assure you that i'm now fully social(ly alive ;-)
updated tumblr blogging at
and i do now run an active twitter account and i'm quite amazed what's going on on twitter in general. If you're there as well, you will come accross me in one way or the other in the future because i'm really getting into that at the moment!

and i'm always keeping my fb-page updated as well to make sure you like that too.